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Donations Needed For Anti Declawing Campaign

Donations Are Needed

Adopt Me Canada Cat Rescue is seeking donations towards our anti-declaw campaign. 

We have contacted all Canadian MPP’s and not received a response.  We are going to take a different approach now.  We are now going to send a personal letter appealing our cause to every office in Canada. 

In order to get a bill passed in Canada a member of parliament must purpose this bill.   It’s vital we make contact with someone who has access. 

 I have already contacted the Prime Minister, along with the Attorney General of Canada.  I have received responses but nothing that will give an answer to our cause. 

The public needs to be educated and made aware of this cause. 

We will need donations towards stamps, printing costs, advertisement, merchandise and small miscellaneous  things. 

If you are able to donate stamps, large envelopes , provide printing, t-shirts printing  or anything you think will help would be greatly appreciated.  These items can be dropped off in Mississauga in the Bloor/Dixie area. 

Financial donations can be made via Paypal

Thank you so much

Founder, Adopt Me Canada Cat Rescue