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My Dreams will become Reality

My Dreams will become Reality

For the past four years I have been trying to ban declawing in Canada. Why? I saw the surgery at a previous veterinary clinic I was using for animal rescue and nearly quote on quote lost my lunch*

I have seen a lot of disgusting things in my life but this absolutely mortified me. I knew declawing was a bad thing but this awoke an inner demon.

I am truly a product of my childhood. It’s thanks to my parents who raised me in such a unique manor, which has made me who I am. 

I have always used my voice. It baffles me why people don’t speak up. Do you even deserve the voice you have been given?

Never under estimate a group of motivated individuals with a notable cause.  Changing the world is possible and it can start with one person. 

Every negative obstacle I have encountered on my journey, I only turn into a positive.  When the whole world tells me no, I say yes.

I am ashamed of Canadian Cat Rescue’s & Shelters for ignoring the campaign. I have contacted 85% of them in every method possible ie phone, fax, email, twitter, mail, face to face etc To make it even worse, I did a deputation to the city of Mississauga to purpose the banning of declawing , it just so happened a large majority of animal rights activists, spca, international humane society and the Toronto Humane Society witnessed this.  NONE of them have even said acknowledged the campaign.

I came head to head with one president of a local cat rescue and she said didn’t want to host the petition at her adopt-a-thons because it was “too political”. However her descriptions on her info cards for the cats that were for adoption said “do not declaw”.  I still am waiting for the petitions she promised to get via friends/family.

Canadian Cat Rescue’s/Shelters its time for you to wake up. If we work together, declawing can be banned in Canada within the next two years.  There is power in numbers.  We all have no declaw policies. Practice what you preach. Enforce your beliefs.

Now you can’t tell me you don’t have time. I ran a cat rescue with 5 years with a couple volunteers. I adopted out 3000 cats/kittens, partnered with shelters, did tnr, adoptions myself, vet runs etc On top of this I was battling fibromyalgia and began my quest to ban declawing in Canada.

With or without your help I will get this banned. While I fight, cats will continued to be declawed. Do you sleep well at night knowing this?

I cannot thank the handful of cat rescues, motivated volunteers, supporters and veterinarian’s who support the movement.  My biggest thank you goes out to the Paw Project in La.  Jeniffer Conrad you are truly my inspiration. The release of the Paw Project Movie on netflicks has created awareness everywhere.

So let this article be an inspiring to others. Anger has fueled this however I do feel an inner peace having written this.  I have waited a long time to voice my feelings & opinions and feel it is now the time to share it.

Fight for what you believe in. I’ve had people laugh in my face and say “declawing will never be banned”.  Take every negative as a positive. Let it fuel your soul.  Don’t let others get you down even when you feel like you are standing alone.

Declawing will be banned in Canada & I feel that we are closer than ever. 

The day we stop fighting for what we believe in is the day we die.

Save a Paw, Don’t Declaw 

Help Ban Declawing in Canada

Join the Movement, Help End Animal Cruelty. 

What is Declawing?

For those who do not know, declawing is an unnecessary comesic procedure performed on cats/kittens.  It consists of ten separate amputations from the bone. Essentially you are disabling the cat. Cats nails are connected to the bone. The human equivalent is to cut our fingers off from the knuckle up. Declawing is banned in nearly 40 countries for a reason. Declawing your cat comes with a large list of complications. You may think your saving your furniture from being scratched, children from being bitten however it works against you.  Declawed cats are more likely to bite, more likely to use your furniture as a permanent litter box. Declawed cats have lost their first line of defense.  Declawed cats tend to be more aggressive, suffer from arthritis, phantom pains and the list goes on.