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Park Animal Hospital in Mississauga

A BIG thank you to Park Animal Hospital in Mississauga

We are pleased to announce Park Animal hospital in Mississauga ,Ontario has joined forces with Adopt Me Canada Cat Rescue to help ban declawing in Canada. 

The clinic states:

Services we, for various reasons, have chosen NOT to provide: support for pet stores & breeders; declawing, surgical debarking, cosmetic ear cropping and tail docking; tattooing, grooming, and boarding; the promotion of severely brachycephalic and chondrodystrophic breeds; veterinary care for animals other than dogs and cats.

The staff and the veterinarian’s are amazing.  If you are seeking a veterinarian you can trust, this is the place to go.

The clinic is currently hosting the petition to ban declawing in Canada.

Please check out their website for address/contact information

Thanks again Park animal hospital, you’ve made history!

Paws need claws

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