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Abandoned Kitten Rescued

So while I was out last night posting flyers in the Jane/Finch area to create awareness on the tortured puppy we stumbled upon a kitten.

This little cutie (whom we've named Wednesday) was a day or two from death. Wednesday is skin and bones, his fur masks it well, he was severely dehydrated and his poor body was shutting down.

With some iv fluids, meds and recovery food this little guy bounced back immediately.

This sweetheart will need a home in a few weeks. I am still learning his personality. So far, he loves to cuddle and be petted.

We were so fortunate to find this little guy when we did.  It's freezing outside, it's two days from Halloween and he would have been a target for animal cruelty. 

If you are interested in adopting him in the next couple of weeks, please email

Keep your eyes open for updates, I promise you there will be lots.