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Did You Know you Can Save a Life With One Click?

Did You Know you Can Save a Life With One Click?

Yes you can with little impact.  Animals have no voice, we must speak for them. 

(My passion is cats & what I live for.  There are lots of organization who also need donations as well.  So if kitties is not your thing, I encourage you to donate to an animal organization.  )

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of posting from “ cat rescues”  on kijji , craigslist , pet finder, adopt a pet. 

Did you know everyone is a volunteer? None of these groups have ANY paid staff. 

Each group usually has a handful of dedicated volunteers who are over run with cats/kittens in their homes, most usually run themselves into the ground due to the high demand of assistance needed, most self sacrifice   what one would consider living a “ normal life” with putting the cats before themselves and the stories are endless. 

Everyone is always thanking me for what I do, asking how I do it? Its beyond easy, how could you say no? Once you look into the eyes of an abused animal or a kitty who’s ears are falling off from frost bite you will never go back. 

The vet bills never end, most groups spend 10,000 or more per month on vet care.  Isn’t that crazy?  A lot of the “ Presidents” who run the groups put their own money into the organizations as well thus leaving them with Kraft Dinner supper and the cats eating a meal worth more than theirs. 

The adoption fees cover some of the costs but its virtually impossible to             “ break even”  . We really never get caught up. 

We believe all cats/kittens deserve a chance at life & all the organizations I will be listing have a “ NO KILL” policy.  Thus means they do everything in the power as long as its humane to save the life of a cat/kitten. 

We reply the kindness of strangers to keep our organizations going.  Without your help we cannot continue to help these little innocent lives. 

Even if you cannot donate, you can help is so many ways, you can foster, clean out a closet in your home & donate some old towels, perhaps fundraise at work, share this article with your friends, encourage your friends/family to adopt from a rescue group and so much more. 

Please open your hearts & consider one of these groups.  Each group has their own method for donations, most can be done online with a click of a button, its secure & confidential.  Some of us do like to send “ thank you note though “

Thanks for Reading & Please share this article if you can

Here are the groups I am speaking of